About me

I'm Angie, 20. Polish girl with big love to sport, especially for Formula 1, Ski jumping, Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Apline skiing In love with winter.
I believe that 'everything happens for a reason'.

Sebastian, Lewis, Kimi, Mark, Hulk, Nico, Jules, Romain. Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Mercedes GP, Lotus. Welli, Wanki, Richie, Karl, Marinus, Sevi, Schlieri, Morgi, Simi, Kamil. Germany, Austria, Poland. Andy, Jurek, Isia, Serena, Masha. Piszczu, Kuba, Marco, Mats. BVB.
Polish national volleyball team.

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I am who I am
And I never give up

When I see this pics I just can’t wait! ^^

I want replay this year, Seb :P

And I love these photos *.* :3